.....and Important Information!


We do require that all dogs have the relevant vaccinations to ensure that they remain in good health; dogs that don’t have the necessary vaccinations regrettably will not be able to hang out here.

We take all dogs health very seriously and take every care to ensure that all dogs enjoy their visit to the Barka Lounge.

We require all of our guests have the relevant vaccinations before the join us. This ensures that your dog remains in good health during their stay. We will need to see sight of their vaccination cards and will repeat this exercise annually. 

We also accept Titre testing as evidence of antibody levels. More information can be found here:




The required vaccinations are as follow:

  • Nobivac DHPPV (protection against diseases like distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and parainfluenza)
  • Nobivac Lepto 
  • A monthly routine flea and worming activity is also required

Micro chipping now the law from 6th April 2016.


We understand that leaving your pet is hard sometimes, many dogs won’t have experienced being at Doggy Daycare. We take every care to make sure that your Dog is comfortable and is given plenty of attention to help them settle in.

We understand that Daycare won’t be suited to every Dog and we will be honest with during the taster session for your Dogs best interests and wellbeing.


We invite all our Customers both Human and Hound to a viewing before booking, this will ensure that you are both happy with the accommodation, activities and will also allow our staff to discuss any special requirements.

All dogs that hang out at the Barka Lounge will be covered by our liability insurance during their stay with us. We also have an excellent relationship with the local vets to ensure that all pets remain healthy during their time with us.


Barka Lounge Doggy Day Care is extremely strict in only accepting social dogs. This ensures all of the dogs are happy in one another’s company, so it is unlikely your dog will not get on with another dog. In fact, the dogs usually form their own social groups with dogs who enjoy similar activities!

Barka Lounge Doggy Daycare is made up of luxury themed sleeping areas as well as exercise arenas. We have plenty of space for your dog to run around and every animal is given plenty of attention and is encouraged to socialise with the other guests. As we have a small number of staff we are able to get to know your Dog and build up a trusting relationship. We are more than happy to cater for any special requirements regarding diet and medicines at no extra cost. If your golden oldie just wants a comfy bed and companionship or your hyperactive puppy needs a bit of training we are here to help!

In fact, one of the reasons people choose a Doggy Daycare is that it often helps with training. Many owners have noticed improvement in their dog's behaviour after attending.

However, we can only accept social dogs that have no history of aggression, males who are neutered and spayed or ‘not in season females’ (puppies).

Do dogs fight?
No, they are all temperament tested, sadly we are not able to pass all dogs, our fail rate may be higher than some Doggy Daycare facilities, as safety will always be placed first.

How safe is it?
We are a very unique facility operating under an American model with dogs running freely together we do not cage, kennel or separate (unless its meal time for safety reasons to avoid gastric bloat, where they will spend some time separated for up to 60 minutes). We have up to 25 dogs playing freely together, hence we apply more rules and policies than most Doggy Daycare facilities. We collate national insurance statistics that record insurance claims made for dog on dog injuries and we do not accept the highest causing breeds.

We also look at rescue centres and monitor the breeds that are commonly placed in rescue centres (not necessarily for any fault of their own), though this indicates that we will not be able to formulate a thorough knowledge of history for these dogs. We look at all statistics and apply regular scoring to all breeds sadly those breeds cannot come to Barka Lounge.

We do not personally have breed preferences, we just have to follow “Safety First” and do all we can to ensure any potential risk is eradicated, seeing 25 dogs playing freely together is a wonderful sight, however extreme measures must be taken in order to ensure we remain at 100% safety and 100% fight free.

We appreciate for the breeds concerned that this is very frustrating, however we have a Duty of Care to all the dogs on site and we are committed to doing all we can to eradicating potential risk.

So what breeds don’t you accept?
This changes regularly based on the information we compile from our insurance companies.

What about other safety aspects?
The percentage of dogs not passing a taster session may be high, we are uber choosey, and if we have the slightest doubt, then that dog will not be able to attend Barka Lounge.