Claire Bannister MSc - Business Owner


As a child I wanted to be Dr Doolittle but I didn’t want the animals to speak to me in English, I wanted to learn to speak their language.  This is what has driven me to become an animal behaviourist and I may not quite be a doctor yet (watch this space) but through a lifetime of experience and education with a large variety of animals I have become an expert on their evolution, physiology and behaviour. This is essential to fully understand their needs and motivations so that we can give them the best lives possible and provide the highest welfare standards for the precious animals in our lives, because they truly deserve it.

Working with dogs is such a great job. They constantly surprise and amaze us and as a scientist I know that we have only scratched the surface of their abilities.

I am highly qualified with a Master’s degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare, which means I not only understand the theory of training and behaviour modification but have practical skills at that level too. 

The language of dominance is now completely out-dated and scientifically debunked. I adhere to and teach a strict code of ethics using the most modern behaviour methods and only use positive reinforcement.  I find that love works so much better than fear and creates a healthy, well balanced relationship between you and your dog. 

I have three dogs and two cats so animals keep me pretty busy in my spare time as well.

Uncle Matt - full time day care assistant 

Auntie Emily - full time day care assistant

Auntie Neve - full time day care assistant

Auntie Lindsay - part time day care assistant and private chauffeur

Auntie Kath - weekly volunteer

Auntie Lizzie - college placement

Uncle Lewis - college placement 

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Uncle Sam - weekly volunteer

We welcome applications to volunteer and for placements from local colleges and schools. Dog behaviour is our expertise, so come learn hands on...with the best there is!