Small dog Sundays!

Small Dog Sundays!..

2018 dates coming soon...check back here often

£10 - for 2 hours of mental stimulation, free play with lots of toys, games and socialisation in a safe fun environment. 

No more than 10 doggies per session – it might sound a lot but with 4000 sq. ft. of indoor play area, which can be split into 3 sections you will be lucky to spot them!

Barka Lounge Hip Hound Clients receive a 10% discount

Are you nervous to take your smaller dog on walks?

You are not alone! There are many small breed dog owners whose heart sinks when a large breed dog ‘off lead’ comes running towards them!

We have been asked a few times to open our doors for a ‘small dog only’ play session – here it is!

There are many reasons why your small dog may demonstrate snapping and snarling on or off the lead with big dogs on walks. To highlight just a couple these could be:-

Your small dog once tried to put off a dramatically offensive display towards a bigger dog and the bigger dog retreated, the small dog will then feel compelled to use the same strategy next time

Your small dog gets picked up and carried everywhere

Small dogs are often not socialised enough and their owners may be over protective. These then under socialised dogs turn out to be good candidates for fear aggression directed towards other dogs 

Consider that many small dogs are often anxious and hyper vigilant which puts them in a constant state of stress. 

Whilst you may understand all of these points, but you would still love to just hang out with similar sized doggies, that’s absolutely fine! You can chill out with your dog for 2 hours and also meet like-minded owners.

We are here for you! Come inside and let your little ones have a ‘Small dog Sunday’ play session


However - To gain entry you need to be no bigger than 28 cm / 11 inches – please ask if you are unsure 

Must be fully up to date with standard Vaccinations

No females in season

Entire males are accepted

We only accept sociable dogs with no history of aggression

Email info@barkalounge or message on here for more information

Puppy Pawties!..

2018 dates coming soon....check back here often

£20 - for 2 hours of puppy advice and fun safe play for puppies up to the age of 6 months

  • Nail trimming demo 
  • Helpful advice
  • Meet other puppy owners
  • Recall advice
  • Puppy bite inhibition advice
  • Tour of daycare