Dogs have 300 million olfactory (scent) receptors compared to the 6 million us humans have. Additionally the part of the brain that analyses different scents is 40 times larger in the dog than that in the human. Therefore sniffing is very mentally stimulating for dogs and can help to calm them as it allows them to gather information about their environment. For this reason, at Barka Lounge, we have created a variety of different activities that encourage your hounds to utilise their talent!

Whats in the Box?

What's in the box, is an activity that encourages the dogs to search out tasty treats hidden among a range of materials such as shredded paper, crumpled newspaper and hay usually enclosed in cardboard boxes which in themselves encourage the dogs to exhibit the natural behaviour of ripping and tearing, reducing their urge to carry this out on items at home which you would much rather stayed in one piece!

Food Games

At Barka Lounge we have toys that are specifically designed to optimise the dog's ability to work for their rewards such as lickimats and treat dispensers. These are a great, stimulating and time consuming method of providing treats to your pooches.


Treasure Hunt

Our treasures hunts involve the dogs searching out blobs of peanut butter, marmite and soft cheese hidden high and low around daycare.

Treat Parcels and Kong Bombs

Treat parcels composed of toilet roll tubes, and kong bombs are a fun, stimulating way of providing treats such as peanut butter and Halstead biscuits; making the dogs to work for their rewards.


We also have themed activities such as Easter 'What's in the box?' with hay and doggy chocolate Easter eggs; paddling pools and and bubbles in summer; dress up and visits from Santa Paws at Christmas; and pumpkin feasts & dress up at Halloween.


Ball Pit
Paddling Pool
Paddling Pool
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If your hip hound is celebrating a birthday we can throw them a pooch party with lots of fun birthday activities and lots of photos of them enjoying themselves with their friends.

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