"its Where the hip hounds hang"

Established in 2015, Barka Lounge Bespoke Doggy Daycare is an alternative to dog walking or leaving your dog unattended for longer periods of time. Additionally, we provide a safe space for dogs of all ages and personalities to blow off steam, socialise with other dogs and get both physical and mental stimulation which can lead to an overall happier dog!

All day supervision for your pooch is provided by our dedicated and well qualified team and our 4000sqft indoor space has been designed with your dogs in mind; featuring rubber flooring throughout to ensure the health of your dog's muscles and joints; soft leather sofas for adequate cuddling time, and designated areas for all kinds of activities whether it be playing, snoozing or eating.

The language of dominance is now completely out-dated and scientifically debunked. I adhere to and teach a strict code of ethics using the most modern behaviour methods and only use positive reinforcement.  I find that love works so much better than fear and creates a healthy, well balanced relationship between you and your dog. 

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